Our Services

Intelligent financial decisions are just one result of our advice and services

Families come to us for a variety of reasons.

  • They want to understand their financial situation and options, but they don’t want to become the expert.girl with piggybank
  • They want creative solutions for their unique situations that other advisors did not think of.
  • They want someone to raise the questions they should consider when they don’t even know the questions to ask.

Most importantly, they want a sounding board for the critical financial decisions they make for themselves and their families.

They want an advisor that has an all encompassing view of their financial world. Though our expertise and comprehensive array of resources, we offer our clients that view.

Tax and Estate Planning

We bring the experts together to build a smart financial plan for your family

Developing a sound plan to mitigate taxes and transfer your wealth to your heirs requires careful planning and collaboration between your estate planning attorney and accountant, as well as your financial planning team. Yet, communicating their advice and coordinating their efforts into a single vision – your vision – can be daunting.learn more

Wealth Administration

We specialize in the financial details, so you won’t have to

Our clients prefer earning and enjoying their wealth instead of managing it. Our professional wealth management resources alleviate those burdensome details.

Philanthropic Planning

Our gifting strategies let you focus on what’s important – making a difference

This century, unprecedented wealth will pass from this generation to the next. With that, comes an opportunity for families to create charitable legacies that connect this generation with those of the future through good works.

We help families who are just starting to think about developing a charitable giving plan to those with established plans looking for ways to engage future generations in their charitable vision.learn more


While we don’t sell insurance, we’ll guide you to your best options

We act as an unbiased consultant to evaluate whether the life, health, disability or long-term care policies owned by our clients are appropriate and cost-effective, and identify gaps in insurance coverage that could leave their families assets at risk.


Being financially savvy is the new “smart”

Educating family members about how to handle their finances is critical to both the success of the family wealth planning process and our relationship with our clients.learn more

Multigenerational Planning and Family Governance

With our guidance, we help your future family aspirations become reality

While these terms may seem very lofty, they simply mean extending your wealth and your values beyond your generation.


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