Wealth Administration

Harvest Your Resources

Wealth Administration involves the creation of your financial condition model and statement of net worth. Here, we assist you with projecting your current and future cash flows, and tax liabilities to help you manage your current situation.financial planning

Our holistic approach to financial planning involves reviewing your income, expenses, and assets, as well as calculating your survivor income needs, retirement needs, and education funding requirements. Through our process, we help to organize the many facets of your financial picture.

In addition to providing you with a complete package to summarize your financial resources and objectives, we can also coordinate with your CPA and attorney for discussions on various tax planning and improvement strategies. By assisting with the proper allocation of your resources, PSG helps you to see the big picture more clearly.

Improve your economic outlook

economic outlookNo one can forecast what lies on the horizon of your financial future. But we can help to position you to achieve your financial goals. By thoroughly evaluating your current situation, our financial planners provide objective advice on your personal economic outlook.

We provide each of our clients with a written plan of action which includes Objectives, Observations, and Recommendations. Through our ongoing annual reviews of your financial plan, and presentation of unique implementation strategies, we help to guide you in the direction of financial success.


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